Saturday, November 14, 2009

A quick update

Today, I have:

1. Created a title page on imdb for 'Jas Duke On Democracy'
2. Created a title page on imdb for 'Ice' (which was shown at the SoCal Independent Film Festival, and is being entered into the Boston Independent Film Festival soon!)
3. Burned 'Ice' DVD for said BIFF entry
4. Paid BIFF fees
5. Created a withoutabox entry for 'Running Time'
6. Burned a 'Jas Duke On Democracy' DVD for the MassArt Type Show
7. Will now submit 'Running Time' to the BIFF?
8. Going to go type up a film festival resume later, and a DP production schedule
9. Seriously, will do more animating. I bought walnut ink for my DP, wish me luck!

Yay for organization!

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