Friday, June 12, 2009

Work work work

Here's a few links to old work, just to get them out there. I figure clearing out the old will inspire me to make some new work! I have brainstormed and settled upon a project for a summer animation, and would love to hear some input.

Since I want to hone my skills in character animation, I decided I might to a little pencil animation with a human character, based off myself, sitting in a room being interviewed. A voice tells her to make certain facial expressions. She begins to get frustrated as the voice gets critical of her abilities. The character then proceeds to ream the interviewer out, who, the camera reveals, is me, video taped and super-imposed into the scene. I'm trying to 'draw' a portrait of the character, and it apparently isn't going too well, since the character begins to laugh hysterically when I hold up the photo-realistic image I've created of her. Essentially, just a practice in facial expressions, compositing (something I'd like to get better at), and lip syncing.

And now, on to old work!




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