Monday, January 26, 2009

First Post!

Inspired by Caroline, I've decided that junior year is a good year to try my hand at a website. It'll (maybe?) help me get my sketches scanned and my ideas jotted down, rather than leave them in a messy, creative pile strewn across my desk, bedroom, kitchen, trash, etc.

Main artsy worries of late are some freelance work I'm doing with a few other people, and starting my first day of Ani IV tomorrow, complete with new multi-week projects! This would be fun and exciting if I didn't want SO BAD to go back and fix two of my three animations from Ani III. But alas, time moves swiftly. I may yet go back to Jas Duke and give the frames a general whitewash for ease of readibility, but that'll be some weekend project when I've nothing else on my plate. :(

For anyone interested, here is Jas Duke himself, ranting about democracy.

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